Coffee Sapiens is a brand we created with passion. Our longing for different and high quality coffees in terms of flavour and variety led to the birth of the Coffee Sapiens brand. As it is clear from our name, we define ourselves as coffee people. Coffee means more than a pleasant drink for us. We believe that coffee is a culture that connects people and continents. We have adopted a mission to spread this culture in the best way. This is where our difference stems from, because our aim is to reach the best taste and present it in the best possible way.
We buy our coffees as green beans from the best coffee growing regions of the world and roast them ourselves. We define ourselves primarily as a coffee roaster. We try different roasting techniques for each coffee bean to capture the best flavour and create our own special blends. We work very diligently especially on roasting techniques and aim to capture the best with new experiments. It is very important for us to prepare coffees with the most accurate methods.
Our goal is to promote Coffee Sapiens in line with the goals we have set for ourselves step by step and to differentiate our coffee from others with its quality. In the future, our aim is to work on coffee not only commercially but also within the framework of social projects. Our greatest desire is to offer coffee produced under appropriate and fair conditions to you by working directly with producers.

İBRAHİM BURAK GÖĞÜŞ: After graduating from Kadıköy Anatolian High School, he graduated from Mimar Sinan University Department of Urban Regional Planning. He then completed his master's degree in Journalism at Galatasaray University and worked in the field of television. Burak, who then completed his master's degree in International Business at the University of Westminster, left his professional life working in online product management and social media and founded the Coffee Sapiens brand.

MİRHAN KÖROĞLU GÖĞÜŞ: After graduating from Marmara University, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Mirhan completed his master's degree in European Studies at Sabancı University and Aarhus University. After working at the European Parliament in Brussels, Mirhan completed his master's degree in Political Economy at the London School of Economics. Since 2010, Mirhan has been working on Sustainability and Climate Change issues under the umbrella of Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum and has been the Turkey leg of CDP, one of the world's largest environmental initiatives.