The adventure of coffee started in Africa like the first people. Coffee then travelled to the Middle East and Asia, to Europe via the Mediterranean and finally to America. Like humanity, coffee has spread around the world through the same route. This is why the story of coffee has an important place in the written history of humanity, joking but true, humanity started to sleep less and write more thanks to coffee. Coffee has made countries prosperous with its economic power or caused political turmoil. Coffee has become a religious symbol or banned because of religion. We are talking about a seemingly simple fruit that grows on trees, but when you roast this fruit with the necessary care, a flavour emerges that makes history and follows humanity with it.

All of Coffee Sapiens' coffees are carefully selected, roasted using scientific methods and served to you in the best possible way. We are also proud of the roasting machines we use. Our first machine is the one-kilogram Toper roaster, which we use in the first years and never let us down even for a single day. The second one is the 6 kg Giesen W6A, which makes us happier every day with its quality and capacity. Finally, we have increased our production even more with our new 30 kg roasting machine.

Hasköy Coffee Workshop, where we roast almost every day with our roasting machines and carry out all production and distribution works such as wholesale and online sales, is located on the street of the historical Red Minaret Mosque just behind the Koç Museum. We organises coffee tasting days, seminars and events for coffee lovers at Coffee Sapiens Roastry & Workshop area .

You can visit us in Hasköy and get information about roasting and coffees. If you want to meet us and talk about coffees, You can contact us from our contact details.

We also share the coffees we produce with other places that want to serve good coffee.

More information for corporate coffee sales here!